New Arrival 1 set Tibetan Buddha Yin Yang Bracelet, Black Lava Rock with White onyx Beads

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New Arrival 1 set Tibetan Buddha Yin Yang Bracelet,  Black Lava Rock with White onyx Beads.


Yoga Mala Bracelets For Men and Woman


Mens yoga bracelet stack, Mens mala bracelet, Anxiety & Stress relief healing bracelet, Black and white bracelet, onyx and lava mala


This listing is for set of TWO mens yoga bracelet stack (you'll receive 2 , black and white bracelets mala, as shown at pict#1).


It made these mens yoga bracelets combining carefully featured:

high quality natural black lava beads (8mm),

high quality natural white

Onyx beads (8mm),



All beads of these howlite, white onyx and black lava bracelets are strung on very strong non-latex elastic cord .So it's really very easy to put on and take off these men mala bracelets for anxiety and stress relief! Also you could use your favourite essential oil in your bracelet.


These pieces of mens wrist jewelry are perfect gift for any zen Buddhist or meditation practitioner! Or just so cool accessory for self motivation, stunning worn alone, gorgeous stacking with my other other wrist mala beads