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Aquamarine Crystal Cabochon

Aquamarine Crystal Cabochon

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Aquamarine Crystal Cabochon



3,86cm long

2,63cm w


Aquamarine is a type of Beryl with a prismatic crystalline structure and these cabochons have a oval shaped with the lovely blue-green color typical of Aquamarine. Cabochons are perfect for use in any healing session or in meditations because of their shape. Their unique shape makes them convenient to put on a person during healing because they are small and have a flat back so they do not fall off of the body easily, but they can also easily fit into your pocket or crystal pouch as well. Cabochons are also a favorite choice for wire wrapping jewelry creators.

Aquamarine resonates to the energy of the ocean, helping the holder to connect with the nature spirits of the sea. Seamen carried Aquamarine in ancient times to promote safe travel on the water and to protect against drowning.

The soothing energy of Aquamarine makes it perfect companion to use as a stone of courage, protection, and to calm fears and phobias.

Aquamarine is used most often with the Throat Chakra to enhance spiritual communication and to clear communication blocks. Aquamarine helps to promote verbal self-expression. Work with Aquamarine to help overcome judgment of others and encourage tolerance.

Aquamarine is often used to enhance one's intellectual prowess, helping one to think quickly to come up with solutions on the fly. Many also use Aquamarine to help with reasoning and promote logic. Carrying Aquamarine with you can help to remind the individual to be prepared for most any scenario that could be encountered, given the current set of circumstances.

Aquamarine can also work with the Heart Chakra by helping you to realize your innermost truth. Aquamarine can also facilitate the releasing of old patterns of behavior that no longer serve, and can actually inhibit one's growth. Meditating with Aquamarine can bring new insights from the higher self to be applied in daily life.

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