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Azurite Crystal Specimens

Azurite Crystal Specimens

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Azurite Crystal Specimens

This natural mineral specimen of drusy azurite crystals on malachite has a large portion of its upper surface covered with ultra rich blue brilliant drusy azurite crystals


N1 Azurite specimen 31g 4,8cm x 3,4cm x 1,6cm

N2 52g 5cm x4,3x 2,7cm


What is azurite used for?

Azurite is used occasionally as beads and as jewelry, and also as an ornamental stone. However, its softness and tendency to lose its deep blue color as it weathers limit such uses. Heating destroys azurite easily, so all mounting of azurite specimens must be done at room temperature.


What are the healing properties of azurite?

Azurite in shades of Indigo combines the intuition of the violet ray with the trust of the pure blue ray. It brings wisdom, truth, dignity and spiritual mastery. A stone of judgment and long life, it promotes introspection and can result in profound wisdom when used well.


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