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60cm long Approx

8mm Beads


Tiger Eye


Tiger Eye is a bold, masculine energy stone that in the light, shimmers an eye-catching, brownish gold-banded crystal. The gold-reflective quality is part of this enchanting magnetism of the stone. This is the perfect crystal for harmonising the unique blends of masculine and feminine traits within the mind-body-spirit.

These stones have a strong effect on the mind. They sharpen the senses creating clarity and focus by healing troublesome thoughts. These crystals heat the seeds of desire. Through this process the energy of the crystal draws out bold, intuitive thinking patterns that gives a clear view of what is ahead and it gives the extra boldness push needed to pursue it. This is an extremely effective blend of qualities for getting things done and attracting steady inflow of money.


Black Onyx


Black Onyx is an effective protective stone when worn. It provides a powerful energy barrier that pushes away negativity from your mind, your senses, and your personal space. These crystals push away negative people and negative experiences can drain you. In Healing Jewellery Onyx  is worn as a protection amulet to keep the healing space free from negative energies so that positive feelings like optimism, inner-strength, and peace can grow.

These are fantastic healing gemstones for mental health for soothing the emotional parts of the mind-body-spirit. These are crystals for inner-strength and self-confidence. During stormy times when decisions can be complicated and unclear black Onyx brings clarifying, supportive, and protective energy that is a caring touch for calming fears, stress, and worry. The crystals encourage the desire to create stability which lowers stress levels. Using these gemstones for stability lowers all stress be it fears, worries, and anxiety, they even help you fully sleep from insomnia.

Black Onyx is an important stone if you are beholden with heavy grief, or having feelings of deep sorrow, or if experiencing a difficult depression that you can't seem to get past then. If anything like this is the case then this stone helps release this blocked energy contained within these feelings. Then this energy can be freed up from the mind-body-spirit. Progress reinvigorates the spirit. Free flowing energy is calm and is focused that can create positive outcomes. And just blow out that breath of air. Finally breathe.

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