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Cute Natural Morganite Donuts

Cute Natural Morganite Donuts

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Cute Natural Morganite Donuts

1.8cm x 0.6cm


Morganite is a gorgeous gemstone that is found in shades of pink, purple, and orange.  It's part of the hexagonal crystal system, which makes it very distinctive from other gems.  This crystal's energy guides you on your path towards healing and manifestation by finding peace in who you are right now.



Morganite is the stone of strong emotions, giving you a space to heal and love yourself. Morganite strengthens us internally so we can invite unconditional love into our lives with ease. Morganites help strengthen their inner reserves when they come across negative thoughts or feelings. Morganite is a powerful stone that helps you find and heal from the emotional wounds in your heart.

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