Himalayan Quartz Crystal Cluster

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Himalayan Quartz Crystal Cluster



12.6 tall x 6.2cm wide

General Himalayan Quartz Crystal Healing Information

Himalayan Quartz is almost always gathered by hand due to impossible inaccessibility for machinery and heavy tools. Thus these ancient beautiful crystals are gathered by these gentle means – then transported carefully by pack mule on a seven day trek back to civilization. This gentle gathering can definitely be felt at an energetic level with Himalayan Quartz.


For what and How Does One Use it?

Himalayan Quartz crystals help one keep calm under pressure, and serene through the storms encountered in life. These crystals are fantastic to use for meditation sessions. As they most often form in clusters, they give great results within a group meditation scenario. Quartz from this region strongly amplify and radiate positive joyous uplifting energy! They help with keeping a positive disposition and as a result help one to shield themselves from negativity. With this in mind they are a good to use for crystal protection purposes.


Himalayan Quartz – The Teacher

Navigate through the storms of life, my pure energy and spirit comes from the tallest mountains on Earth and encourages serenity and empowerment. Embark on a journey of super cleansing, enhanced transformation and self-discovery. Your guide and teacher, let me lead you to lessons of the heart and soul.

Chakras: Crown & All

Birthstone: April

Zodiacs: All

Rarity: Common

Origins: Himalayas, Brazil, Madagascar and Arkansas

Hardness MOHL: 7

Chemical Composition: SiO2 Silicon Dioxide

Mineral Class: Quartz group

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