Jade and Agate Laughing Buddha Pendant

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Jade and Agate Laughing Buddha Pendant

Included black Cotton Cord

925 Sterling silver clasp !!

The benefits of wearing the Laughing Buddha pendant are aplenty:
1. To provide harmony and take away all problems and quarrellings.
2. To tap the many luck for your personal growth, wealth, success and good health. He will bring you lots of good news and surprises.
3. To enhance your wealth luck or sudden windfall.
4. For protection against unwanted unhappiness/stress and to attract tremendous good luck.
5. You may also present the Laughing Buddha pendant as a gift for any auspicious celebrations or occations to your loved ones or as business gifts. The symbol is especially useful when presented to those who are going through tremendous bad luck.
6. Wear this Buddha pendant during important occasions so that he can bring home many tidings of good news.
7. Wear this Buddha pendant to take away all kinds of stresses and bad politics or backstabbing. The Laughing Buddha will speed your way towards achieving happy outcomes.

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