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Kids Gemstones Bracelets

Kids Gemstones Bracelets

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UKids Gemstones Bracelets
Measure 12to 14cm

8mm beads


Aquamarine: Courage



AQUAMARINE is the Stone of Calm & Courage, quietening the mind, to reduce stress and promote self-love, offering us a quiet confidence to evolve into the most glorious version of ourselves.

White Jade

White jade provides protection from stress and anxiety. White Jade is a gemstone which holds many healing properties, and is known for its ability to make you feel calm and peaceful. It also has the ability to enhance love in your life, and will help you navigate through challenging times in a calm manner.


  • A very strong protection stone
  • Balances Kids Yin and Yang
  • Help Kids clear negative energies and inner trauma
  • Assists in dispelling bad behaviors

Meaning of your healing Hematite necklace:

Firstly, Hematite is an excellent protection stone and is known as the “Warrior Stone”. Like a Warrior with a battle shield, Kids should wear their Hematite bracelet as a stone of protection and courage. The great thing about Hematite is that you can explain to your child that because Hematite is considered a Warriors Stone when they wear it, they too can bring about their inner Warrior and push through with whatever issue they may be facing.


We are conscious of child safety, so please ensure child is above the age of 4 as this piece includes small gemstone beads that can come loose if not treated with care

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