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Mini Kunzite Spheres 20mm approx

Mini Kunzite Spheres 20mm approx

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Mini Kunzite Spheres 20mm approx

Kunzite crystals have a joyful energy which is amplified by these sweet little sphere shapes. Kunzite is a Heart Chakra crystal that offers an abundance of powerful loving energy + makes such a sweet gift for yourself or someone special.

Each of these pink Kunzite Spheres has shimmery flash + lovely depth of colour. They're little! Measured in millimeters, sorted by diameter + chosen intuitively for you in the size you select, 20mm each approx

These Mini Kunzite Crystal Spheres are the perfect size to use in your crystal grids, carry in your pocket, or adorn your jewellery box or ring dish with their sparkly pink love beams.

This pretty pink to violet colored Kunzite is a water element crystal that clears the pathways between the heart + the mind, helping you better understand + process your emotions.


Kunzite is a deeply healing spiritual stone that spreads a loving vibration to every corner of life. It's energy permeates

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  • Our Jewellery are Handmade in Australia, (my Studio)

  • All Of Our Crystals & Products Have Been Ethically Sourced

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