Pink Tourmaline Palm Stone

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Pink Tourmaline Palm Stone

Pink Tourmaline is a beautifully gentle gem, and each of these pieces you will see displays bars of the light pink tourmaline embedded within a white quartz matrix. No two are alike. A stone of the Heart chakra, Pink Tourmaline helps heal wounds from the past, and allows one to more powerfully connect to their heart in order to understand their true purpose and true desires. Pink Tourmaline is said to be especially supportive of healing the inner child, and resolving emotional wounds or trauma that may have occurred during childhood. The Quartz in these particular pieces helps amplify these energies tenfold. Carry one of these beautiful Pink Tourmaline tumbled stones to surround yourself with beautiful loving & compassionate light, or work with one to heal past emotions, and open your heart to giving and receiving love more freely than ever before.

Planet: Venus

Chakra: Heart

Astrology: Libra

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