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Raw Pink Opal Stones

Raw Pink Opal Stones

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Raw Pink Opal Stones



Pink opal is a gorgeous shade of pink but this opal does not have the signature "fire" that most opals have. This stone improves spiritual insight, romance and compassion, emotional resilience and strength, and acts as a guide when you are on a spiritual journey. Pink opal brings a soothing and naturally balanced energy around you all the time and opens you to many new opportunities in life where love, hope and faith are concerned. If you have difficulties in your life pink opal can encourage you to find forgiveness, acceptance and motivation in anything. The more you work with this stone the happier and more enlightened you feel. Pink opal is a naturally inspiring gemstone that will stimulate your heart Chakra.


Each of these are exceptional-quality specimens, some of the finest we've had in the shop :)

You will receive one stone in the size of your choice, approximately on the longest side:


Small: 2,5/3cm approx

Medium: 4cm/5cm


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  • Our Jewellery are Handmade in Australia, (my Studio)

  • All Of Our Crystals & Products Have Been Ethically Sourced

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