Rose Quartz , Lava Stone and Elephant Charms Bracelet

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MANTRA: “You are my heart, my life, my one and only thought." - Arthur Conan Doyle

    • 8mm Rose Quartz Natural Gemstones
    • 8mm Lava Natural Gemstones
    • 2 Elephans Silver Charms
    • Perfect combination for love , spirituality and healing power

      100% natural stones, 18cm lenght, we could customise for your wrist size!

      Beads :8mm

      Made in Australia , with Love❤️ 

    • Rose Quartz Properties and Meanings · It's energetic hallmark is that of unconditional love that opens the heart chakra. This makes rose quartz a stone for every type of love: self-love, family, platonic, romantic, and unconditional. As a variety of quartz, rose quartz has high energy, and this strong energy can enhance love in virtually any situation.
    • Lava Stone, (also known as Basalt, or Lava Rock) is an igneous volcanic rock. ... Lava Stone is a grounding stone that strengthens one's connection to Mother Earth. It gives us strength , calm and courage, allowing us stability through times of change.


    • Elephant Symbol Charm , Symbolic elephant meaning deals primarily with strength, honor, stability and tenacity, among other attributes. To the Hindu way of thought, the elephant is found in the form of Ganesha who is the god of luck, fortune, protection and is a blessing upon all new projects.

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