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Small Beautiful Blue Sandstone Stars

Small Beautiful Blue Sandstone Stars

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Beautiful Blue Sandstone Stars! Perfect little sizes to carry around with you! The blue/golden flecks is truly stunning!

Benefits of Blue Sandstone:

Soothing for stress, tension and sorrow. Blue Sandstone is also good for busting stress. It is an aide stone in grief and heartbreak too. When you're overwhelmed by work or anxiety, grab Blue Sandstone. Blue Sandstone has the meaning and properties of clearing thoughts and increasing popular luck. It is a gemstone to bring in good energy from people. Blue Sandstone will neatly reset negative, unnecessary thoughts such as "anxiety", "fear", "sadness", and "anger".

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  • Our Jewellery are Handmade in Australia, (my Studio)

  • All Of Our Crystals & Products Have Been Ethically Sourced

  • Affordable Prices for everyone who love crystals

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