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Stunning Clear Quartz Sphere with Golden Healer Inclusions

Stunning Clear Quartz Sphere with Golden Healer Inclusions

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Stunning Clear Quartz Sphere with Golden Healer Inclusions


381g 6,5cm Diameter


This beautiful Rainbow Crystal Sphere was created from Madagascar Golden Healer quartz specifically selected for the amazing multi-dimensional rainbow foils and the golden inclusions contained within the beautiful clear sphere.  The finest quality Golden Healer Quartz is found in Madagascar.  Time spent with this amazing sphere and it's refraction of light one can find rainbow reflections in many amazing shapes.  This Golden Healer sphere weighs 381grams and is 65mm in diameter.  No Included stand shown in the photos.


Quartz crystals are used as energy amplifiers in watches, computers and many other technologies and the energy radiating from crystals automatically attunes and resonates at a quantum level in harmony with our own human frequencies.  Our human physical body is basically a large energy receiver and transmitter that translates and also produces the different vibrations of sound through our ears and voice, light through our eyes, touch through our physical body and thoughts through our consciousness and energy bodies.  Our physical brain and our energy chakras function as a receivers and tuners for all this multi-dimensional information.  When you hold a crystal even for a few seconds, it begins to vibrate on a frequency in harmony with your physical body first, and then extends to your mind, energy bodies and spirit.  They can be programmed as a “transponder” of thoughts and intentions.


Golden Healer quartz is Quartz that is included with iron oxide in the form of Hematite deposits.  The Hematite inclusions can vary from a light yellow to a deep golden color and were deposited within the crystal at the time the cracks and inclusions occurred during the crystal's development.  Golden Healer Quartz is associated with the third (solar plexus) and eighth (Star) chakras . The energy it radiates is gently soothing and very powerful.  It is often used to increase creativity and self confidence and bring about success in business and other ventures.   The Golden Healer is said to cleanse the soul and assist those involved in spiritual work, facilitating long distance spiritual communication of all forms.  These beautiful yellow ray stones help one to discover his or her spiritual purpose and help enhance all psychic abilities, serving almost as a natural computer or “spiritual library” storing information for access at a later date.  Crystal healers often use the Golden Healer to cleanse and enhance all of the various organs of the body and stimulate the body's immune system with their beautiful golden ray vibration.

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