Titanium Rutile 6mm Bracelets

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Titanium Rutile 6mm Bracelets

Spiritual Meaning of Rutile Quartz

Rutile Quartz is a special stone in the world of crystals. It is a quartz like many other gemstone types but it has other influencing minerals within its body.

This Rutile material is a titanium oxide which by itself magnifies healing energy and, doubled up with the enhancing energy of clear quartz, you have a very powerful healer.

Rutile Quartz is an energizing gemstone, giving you the strength to tackle new projects, difficult challenges, and seemingly insurmountable adversity. Not just physical and mental determination but also the clear headedness to confront and deal with any issues that lie in your way.

On an emotional level, Rutile Quartz can help with feelings of guilt, stress and loneliness, enabling you to recognize these sentiments and then overcome them.

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