Triple Moon Goddess Tea Light Candle

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Triple Moon Goddess Tea Light Candle


Condition: Brand New

Material: Synthetic resin

Color: Bronze

Height: 12cm

In some pagan religions, the Triple Moon Goddess symbol represents both the three phases 

of the Goddess, Maiden, Mother & Crone as well as Waning, Waxing and Full Moon Phases. In 

the center of the Triple Moon is the Pentacle representing Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. 

The spiral represents the constant evolution of nature.

This wonderful tealight candle holder feature a Spiral Triple Moon Goddess symbol behind a 

glass candle cup. Crafted of c

old cast polyresin, the candle holder has a metallic bronze finish 

to give it the look of metal, and has hand-painted accents to show off the incredible detail. 

It makes a great gift for yourself, or for any practitioner of Earth religions.


Package Included:

1pc x Triple Moon Goddess Tea Light Holder 

1 Tea Light Candle

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