7 Chakras Diffuser Buddha Mala Necklace

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7 Chakras Diffuser Buddha Mala Necklace 


This Long 7 Chakras , Black Boho Style Tassel Diffuser Necklace is designed for long length wear. 

Essential Oil Diffuser Necklaces are a great way to prolong your favorite scent do coating the lava beads in oil.


The small pin point holes in each bead allow the essential oils to seep in, carrying the aroma for longer.


Material: Aromatherapy Beads , 7 different stones , 

Spacer and Buddha :’Alloy Bead Size: 8mm


This necklace is heavier than your average piece of alloy costume jewellery due to the aromatherapy beads.

Length APPROX: 94cm approx including the Tassel

Handmade in Australia 🇨🇰

Free Postage

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