Amazing Spiritual Blue Lace Agate Pendants

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Amazing Spiritual Blue Lace Agate Pendants


Carry this amazingly beautiful raw crystal with you everywhere! It has a 45cm black cord to suit all length preferences.


Due to the natural state of these crystals each pendant slightly varies in colour and is approx 3.8cm - 6cm in size.

Each piece is intuitively chosen for you. 

Crystals take millions of years to form so as you wear this piece remember it's metaphysical powers, it's natural beauty and may you stay protected always!


Blue Lace Agate is a highly spiritual stone that can ground you and enlighten you.
It’s the stone that you should never be without if you are feeling lonely, desperate, or anxious.

Its healing energies will bring you peace and tranquility, and they will help remove the blockages in your aura that are preventing you from seeing the answers.

This stone carries with it a subtle energy that can help you achieve balance and stability. It will bring more love and happiness into your life and get rid of negative thoughts and emotions.

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