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Beautiful Fluorite Eggs

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Beautiful Fluorite Eggs


Fluorite Eggs. They are quite unique and remarkable. Where would you like to place your fluorite egg? This one has lovely dark shades of blue and green in it.

For many, the egg shape is the ideal shape to fit in your hand. As such, it is perfect to help relieve stress.

You may like to use it as a natural stress reliever instead of the artificial fidget stress relievers you see so much of nowadays.

Fluorite is said to help overcome chaos and bring calmness. A fluorite crystal has the ability to absorb and neutralise any harmful or negative energy in a room. It can help bring balance and restore order.

Size and weight of this joyful Fluorite egg

As you can see, this fluorite egg is a beautiful shape and a slightly darker green and purple colour.

  • Weight: Approx. 76grams
  • Size: 5cm x 3.7cm Approx 

The beauty of Fluorite crystal eggs

Many people are drawn to the majestic and wonderful colour of Fluorite Crystal eggs. They look so beautiful when held up to a light to reflect the beautiful green and purple shades.

Some fluorite eggs are greener in colour and others are a deeper purple. But nothing quite compares to the beauty of both green and purple together on a fluorite crystal egg.

What are Fluorite crystal eggs used for?

Fluorite crystal eggs are used to help attract and amplify the positive energy or repel the negative energy.

Some people like to use the egg-shaped fluorite crystal to help rebalance blockages

Beautiful Fluorite Eggs
Beautiful Fluorite Eggs

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