St Benedict Pink Aventurine Rosary Bracelet With a Tassel

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Benedict Pink Aventurine  Rosary Bracelet With Tassel

Pink Aventurine is a gemstone with a meaning and effect to increase happiness. It is known as a gemstone that can fill positive energy in people's mind. You would be able to stop negative chain reaction by filling your mind with brightness.


Pink Aventurine is a beautiful and powerful crystal which represents happiness, prosperity, compassion, and love.

Pink Aventurine is associated with the base chakra and the heart chakra.


By possessing Pink Aventurine, you can ensure that you easily and quickly get out of any distressing or dangerous situations you find yourself in.

This stone is also particularly important to get wisdom and enhance your knowledge.



Keeping Pink Aventurine is particularly beneficial for those people who have given up all hope and cannot seem to find a way out of the depths of misery.

Use this stone to find the motivation to transform your life the way you had always wanted to. Furthermore, this stone is very useful for stabilizing your life and bringing structure in it.

Likewise, Pink Aventurine can remove any distress from your mind, replacing it with peaceful thoughts.

Also, this stone is quite beneficial for people who experience very volatile and aggressive emotions, as Pink Aventurine can help you become emotionally stable.


Length 18cm

Stone  Size 8mm

Unisex Bracelet

iwe are happy to modified the bracelet 

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