Citrine and Lotus Flower Bracelet Mala

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Citrine and Lotus Flower Flower Bracelet

Find Happiness , Positivity, self confidence and creativity with the citrine lotus flower charm bracelet.

Citrine is said carry the power of the sun a super happy stone that lends its energising , warming and creativity energies to its owner! Citrine is know as the stone of abundance , attract a wealth and prosperity, increase self-esteem and self- confidence, promotes a sunny outlook and positive attitude and inspires feelings of happiness playfulness and optimism.

Lotus Flower, symbolises beauty, purity, spiritual enlightenment and rebirth . The Lotus flower rises from the darkness of the muddy waters and turns into a beautiful flower. This process of coming into

Existence is also considered as a symbol of spiritual enlightenment and the expansion of one’s soul . It is symbolic for “We can make the best of our environment and rise above”


Bead size 8mm