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Clear quartz and Pyrite Clusters

Clear quartz and Pyrite Clusters

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Clear quartz and Pyrite Clusters 


N1 252g 9.5cm x 6.7cm x 4cm

N2 273g 9.9cm x 8.6cm x 4.5cm


These are magical crystal specimens. A quartz cluster filled with naturally pyrite ! If you are looking for sparkles, this is it.

Pyrite is the stone of luck, attracting abundance, wealth and prosperity. Pyrite mimics gold and brings all the same qualities of riches, success, manifestations.

Clear quartz is a crystal that amplifies energy as well as cleansing spaces and auras. It is a crystal for balance and motivation as well as assisting in realigning the chakras.

Note: This is a delicate crystal and small pieces of pyrite may come loose during shipping.

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