Cooling Fitness Towel 88cm x 33cm , Pink and Blue

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Cooling Towel, Cool Towel for Instant Cooling Relief, Chilling Neck Wrap, Ice Cold Scarf For Men & Women, 33x88cm, Microfiber Bandana, Evaporative Chilly Towel For Yoga Golf Travel, etc.


HEAT AND HIGH TEMPERATURES ARE NOT AN ISSUE FOR YOU - Don’t you find it hard to work, study or exercise due to the high temperature that makes you feel exhausted? Wouldn’t you like to remain cool and comfortable throughout the day? Well, you can do it! All you need is this top notch, evaporative chill towel which can offer instant and long lasting relief. Just wrap it around your neck, reduce your body’s temperature and combat heat in the most effective, easiest way.

SETTLE FOR NOTHING LESS THAN THE BEST - This must have sports towel is made of high quality, a functional apathetic fabric which is durable, breathable and absorbent. The microfiber towel will offer you a silky soft touch while it will wick moisture, providing you with the refreshing coldness you need to keep going.

ENJOY COUNTLESS POSSIBILITIES - You may use your chilling towel in many different ways! The 31’x100 cm size gives you the chance to make it the perfect neck cooler, ice cooling scarf, instant heat relief bandana, and chill headband. Whether you are at work, at the beach, at the gym, doing Pilates at home or at camping, this cooling towel is the ultimate accessory for you!