COURAGE & STRENGTH: Black Onyx | Tiger Eye | Silver Hematite | Yoga Chakra Bracelet

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COURAGE & STRENGTH: Black Onyx | Tiger Eye | Silver Hematite | Yoga Chakra Bracelet


MANTRA: I have the strength to dispel the negative.

8mm Matte Black Onyx , sterling silver.  black cross Natural Gemstones 

8mm Tiger Eye Natural Gemstones

8mm Silver Hematite Stone

Commercial Strength, Latex-Free Elastic Band

Handmade in our  Studio

Length 18cm , Ask for customise your size 


Protection | Creativity | Balance | Good Luck | Focus | Determination

Primary Chakras: Sacral | Solar Plexus | Third Eye

Like a tiger, one who wears the tiger eye has the patience to wait for the most opportune moment and has great focus and determination.

Tiger Eye recognizes your needs and will lead you there. It differentiates between what you want and what you need and will send you what you need to grow and prosper.

Tiger's Eye lets you see everything.  It stimulates taking action, and helps you to make decisions with discernment and understanding, and unclouded by your emotions. 

Traditionally it was carried as an amulet against curses or ill-wishing, and is known to give you courage, self confidence and strength of will.

It enhances creativity and is one of the stones that aid kundalini awakening. 

When used in jewelry the tiger eye may bring good luck and protection from the evil eye to the wearer. It also known to bring clear thinking and insight. 

It can cause the mind to have feeling of oneness and feel more direct in all thoughts. It makes one aware of one's own needs related to the needs of others. 

By wearing the gem, you will have the courage to fight negative energy. 



Protection | Encouragement | Strength | Happiness | Good Luck | Removes Negativity | Healing

Primary Chakras: Root

A powerful protection stone, Black Onyx absorbs and transforms negative energy, and helps to prevent the drain of personal energy.

Black Onyx aids the development of emotional and physical strength and stamina, especially when support is needed during times of stress, confusion or grief.

Black Onyx fosters wise decision-making.

Use Black Onyx to encourage happiness and good fortune.

Black Onyx is a strength-giving stone and can provide support for self-discipline issues.

Because it helps to hold physical memories, Black Onyx can be useful in healing old wounds or past life issues.

Black Onyx is wonderful for meditation and dreaming. When using Black Onyx for either of these purposes, it is recommended to use a secondary grounding stone in combination with the Onyx.

Black Onyx helps one to become master of one’s own future.



Hematiteis the most powerful gemstone to use for grounding. It can help you clear away confusion and orient you toward practical action in the real world. It brings the energy of higher consciousness down through the chakras to your root, and helps you transform that energy into physical reality.