Cracked Clear Quartz Tower

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Cracked Clear Quartz Tower


Crackle Quartz "Rainbow Master"

PROPERTIES: Beauty | Empowerment | Strength | Patience | New Beginnings

CHAKRAS: All + Crown


N1 54g 6.5cm x 2.5cm base $22

N2 x2 40g.  6.2cm x 2.2cm base Approx $20

N3 28g 5cm x 2.3cm base $18


Using intense heat and pressure on A-Grade Clear Quartz, the interior flourishes little crackles and neat inclusions. Because of this, little rainbows appear everywhere! Style this point close to the window with light beaming through to see all the inclusions shine! Alternatively, place it next to your bedside table on a marble or mirrored tray for a monochromatic chic look.

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