Hamsa Hand,Buddha charms Wood, Resin and Spiritual Charms Necklace, Leather and 925 Sterling Silver Chain

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A unique resin necklace made from wood, charms and resin, on a leather cord or silver chain.


This pendant is hand-carved, sanded to a fine grit and polished to a glass-like finish to achieve a shiny and smooth surface which you will love to touch. Instead of varnish, the wood part is finished with special oils for protection and to preserve the natural looks. It has been strung on an leather cord which is soft and comfortable to wear. (Silver chain available as well)


I choose only the highest quality of wood from noble tree species that encase a piece of nature, spirit and energy from the place where the tree was growing.


If maintenance is needed, the pendant can be polished with a soft cloth.


I do my best to take accurate photographs of my work, as the beautiful vibrant colours of the wood and resin make this jewellery really special. Frustratingly, colours don't always show up in photos perfectly so viewers should be aware there can be small variations due to lighting conditions or between viewing devices.


Because every Necklace is handcrafted using natural materials, it will  have its own unique structure, color and shape. No two can be reproduced alike making yours truly unique!


The item to be sent is the one shown in the image above. Similar ones can be made but they will all be different one from the other.


Your order will be carefully packed to avoid any damage during transport so you will receive your necklace in excellent condition.


If you have any questions regarding this necklace, just select the “Ask a Question” button next to the price and I’ll get right back to you.