Everlasting Blooms Posy with Crystal Tower

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Everlasting Blooms Posy with Crystal Tower


Type:Dried Flora


An everlasting posy with the most beautiful dried and preserved blooms in neutral tones. The posy comes complete with a special crystal towers wrapped in twine.


This lovely little posy is the perfect size for a jar or small vase (15cm). These blooms need minimal maintenance and can be displayed in your home for years to come with no water required. All bouquets are beautifully presented with love and care in our signature wrap. Please note - Each arrangement is individual. A substitute will be used to best suit your arrangement.


Pink Opal is a compassionate and nurturing stone, encouraging one to be their authentic self, without worrying what others think.


Carnelian is a stone that connects to the lower chakras. This means that it brings the metaphysical properties of being a gem that offers stability, grounding, a zest for life, and helps to improve confidence and creativity

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