Flower Agate Obelisk

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Flower Agate Obelisk

Measures 13cm x 3.5cm Approx 
Blossom to your fullest potential, find your passion, flourish and grow with Flower Agate. 

☾ This price is for one Flower Agate Obelisk.
☾ Use the photos to help you select your new crystal tower by weight.
☾ Please remember these crystal towers are natural products that have been hand carved and may not always look perfectly straight at every angle.
☾ Before it is shipped, your crystal will be cleansed 

Taurus + Virgo
Element: Earth
Chakra: Heart + Root 
Country of Origin: 

Flower Agate is a crystal of growth and passion. This crystal carries a gentle, comforting, but grounding energy. It inspires you to follow your dreams, bringing courage and motivation, protecting you from feelings of failure and self-doubt. It encourages you to blossom to your full potential, find your passion, flourish and grow. This is a crystal of pure transformation.

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