For You & For Me Bracelets

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For You & For Me Bracelets

Say Hello To a HEALTHIER &PASSIONATE Relationship!

Lets admit it - relationships are an important part of our lives. Whether it be with a special lover, family member, or close friend, we love to associate with other individuals.

Keeping this in mind, the beautiful distance bracelet fused with red hope strings aka our "For You & For Me" bracelets were created.

Simply tie one bracelet to your significant other while they close their eyes and make a wish and have them do the same for you. 

All the wishes and dreams you two make while wearing these will come true as a blessing. Bind yourself to your lover eternally and take your relationship to the next level!


Bring tons of positivity, affection, and romance into your relationship and show your affection to the world in a beautiful way.

This For You & For Me Stacked is a collection of two of our bracelets sold as a package deal. 

 In each order, you will receive two bracelets as shown above.  

Only Available and red and black beads