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Green Rutilated Quartz 10mm Bracelet

Green Rutilated Quartz 10mm Bracelet

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Green Rutilated Quartz 10mm Bracelet


It is a rare , powerful and intensely full of amplification and vibration— this is the way describe a green rutilated quartz. This crystal is a must-have for spiritual healing and daily meditation. Hold the stone as you meditate, so you can be flooded with powerful soothing energy of the Earth. Below, you will learn more facts about green rutilated quartz.


Meanings and Properties of Green Rutilated Quartz



The green rutilated quartz is a kind of clear or smokey quartz but with the presence of needles or strands of rutile within the crystal. These needles are titanium dioxide mineral featuring a large amount of iron oxide.

Rutilated quartz can come in various colors including red and golden, but when the iron oxide content is low or on average, it appears to have a green or darker color.

This stone is found everywhere quartz can be found. Being a stone with 2 crystals, the green rutilated quartz has amplified powers.


Reasons Why You Should Use Green Rutilated Quartz

Would you like to learn more facts about green rutilated quartz? Then read on!

The green rutilated quartz is a powerful protective stone. It fills your mind with strong energy and protects you from evil and negative energies.

The stone also helps in identifying your purpose in this life. It helps in developing your inner strength, releasing latency and guiding you in the right direction. You can also use the crystal if you wish to release negative energies within your body and heal yourself— physically, emotionally as well as your psychic aura.


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