Harmonise – Energise – Clarity Bracelet Clear Star Cut Faceted Quartz Lotus Charm

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Harmonise – Energise – Clarity Bracelet

Clear Star Cut Faceted Quartz  Lotus  Charm

Quartz Crystal is believed to be the most powerful healing stone on the planet. It is said to bring the energy of the stars into the soul. Quartz Crystal can purify and energize our physical, mental and spiritual bodies as well as harmonize our thoughts, consciousness and emotions. It is also used to stimulate positive thoughts and feelings. It can assist to retain calmness and bring clarity in thinking in all situations. This crystal is associated with the Crown Chakra, also works effectively to balance and energize all chakras.

Quartz Crystal was used in meditation, spiritual development and healing by many ancient cultures and it has been used ever since. Quartz and Quartz crystals have been used for religious purposes by many cultures and are considered one of the seven precious substances in Buddhism. It enhances intuition, psychic abilities and helps you tune into your purpose in this lifetime.


These gorgeous bracelets will add a touch of casual elegance to your wardrobe for any season of the year. Designed and hand made with extreme love and care, it is carefully packaged in a beautiful organza bag.


Great gift for family, friends and loved-ones.


• High-Quality beaded bracelet.

• Womens Bracelets.

• Genuine 8mm natural stones.

• Stretch bracelet with Quality elastic cord.

• Custom made to fit your wrist if your required

• Handmade in Melbourne , Australia

• Made with pure positive energy.

18cm length