Healing for the Mind, Body, and Spirit

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Healing for the Mind, Body, and Spirit

Enhance you inner spirit with my beautiful diffusing essential oil bracelets. Natural stone beads with 10mm lava stones to put your favorite oils on.


Enjoy the benefits and scents of the essential oil of your choice (not included) on your bracelet from 1 to 5 days (depending on the oil) and of the healing properties of the beautiful and all natural stone. Just reapply any oil you would like when the aroma fades.


Since lava is known for its grounding qualities, it’s wonderful for calming the emotions. Lava stones are also fantastic for stabilizing and grounding the root chakra. This is because of the strong connection to the earth and its creation within the center of Earth.

Sunstones carries the energy of Ra, the sun god, which brings out life from within the Earth. A sunstone has the radiance of the sun and its solar rays as inclusions of copper,

Sunstone is a stone of personal power and freedom reflecting qualities of Light bringing about warmth, openness, strength, clarity, generosity, and dispels dependency on others.

It is a nurturing stone that restores enjoyment, abundance, good nurture, and promotes service to others. Sunstones also increases inspiration, enthusiasm, originality, and reveals hidden talents.

The orange shades of the stone activates the Sacral Chakra that is the center of the Life Force of the body. It controls the flow of energy between the mind and body that feeds your intuition. 

Black Obsidian is a stone of purity, it balances mind, body and spirit.  It helps one see the light and dark of a situation and counteracts “poor me”, or victimisation.  It helps open you to healing experiences, calm, soothe and allow you to view unhealthy patterns in your own behavior, thus opening the door to change.  Snowflake obsidian is used by healers to relieve muscle cramps; it is considered a good detoxification stone.  It is associated with the skeletal and vascular systems, and is said to support smooth skin.  In general, Obsidian is a very grounding and protective stone, it is used as a great cleanser of negative energies, helping remove not only negativity experienced in the environment, but also that of one's own emotions, such as anger, jealousy, greed, resentment, etc. Obsidian is often used for healing and releasing energy blockages, and tends to work quickly to move truths to the surface for resolution.  It teaches you to value mistakes as well as successes.  Snowflake Obsidian empowers isolation and loneliness, aiding surrender in meditation.  It aids in disorders of the veins and the skeletal structure, improves circulation and alleviates muscular aches and spasms. It treats joint pain (arthritis) and hardening of the arteries. Earth element ~  Crown, Root chakras

These are just a few of the healing properties each stone provides there are so many!

Product Details:

  • Item Type: Bracelet
  • Item Condition: Brand New
  • Cord Type: Elastic
  • Material: Sunstone, Lava Stone and Black Obsidian.
  • Length: 20cm | 7.9in (We could Customised your size
  • Bead Size: 10mm

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