Large Chakra Banner Wall Hanging Prayer Flag

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Large Chakra Banner Wall Hanging Prayer Flag

This vertical colorful banner depicts the seven chakras. Our bodies have seven main chakras or energy wheels. The energy, or Prana, from these chakras flow throughout our body to keep us vibrant, healthy and alive. The red or base/root chakra helps one feel secure and that they have a right to exist. The orange or sacral chakra can help one with being social and feelings, especially intimacy. The yellow or the solar plexus chakra helps one maintain balance in ego and confidence. The green or heart chakra helps one accept love (of others and oneself). The blue or throat chakra helps with relationships and can help one learn to express oneself and trust. The indigo or third eye chakra helps one realize their full potential and tap into their intuition. The violet or crown chakra helps one develop one's spirituality and trust in the universe. 


This item measures approximately 31cm wide by 183cm tall and is hand painting and stitched by a Balinese family in Ubud. The edges are carefully surged so the banner will continue to help balance chakra energy for a long time. This banner makes a great addition to a home, yoga studio or meditation space and can help to promote love, balance, happiness and peace and can be hung either inside or outside.   


Available in three base colours

Black, multicolour and white

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