Love, Compassion , Joy and Intuition Bracelet Morganite and Moonstone gemstone

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Love, Compassion , Joy  and Intuition Bracelet

Morganite and Moonstone gemstone 

This bracelet is made of beautiful polished  morganite puffed Round beads 8mm and moonstone 10mm bead, in summery pale pastel blue and gentle pinks, with round white moonstone beads.  These genuine gemstones are  natural and untreated, displaying natural variations.

 Lenght 18cmm 

Handmade in Australia🇨🇰

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Morganite is said to be a stone of divine love and healing, removing old traumas and sorrows, and lightens the spirit, promoting compassion and spiritual growth.  Aligned with the heart chakra, it is believed to increase receptiveness to love, and is a stone that feels gentlen  and peaceful.  It is sometimes called Pink Beryl.


White Moonstone is said to have the gentle energy of the moon and is believed to be useful for dreamwork and psychic perceptions.  It is also said to increase the emotional capacity of the wearer,  and helps to soothe nightmares and helps insomnia, in women it brings spiritual energy and is good for activating kundalini energy, it balances the emotions in men.