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Moonstone and Amethyst Stone Protection, Love, Anti Stress Bracelet

Moonstone and Amethyst Stone Protection, Love, Anti Stress Bracelet

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Moonstone and Amethyst Stone

Protection, Love, Anti Stress Bracelet

Genuine AAA Grade Natural Amethyst ,& Moonstone stretch bracelet. Features 8mm or 10mm  round stones 2 spacer beads.

 Handmade In Australia with Love 🙏❤️🇦🇺

Please note the stone shade, colour and pattern may vary since we are working with genuine stones no two are alike. 

Amethyst strengthens the immune and endocrine systems. This stone helps in the treatment of diseases of the kidneys, liver, bladder and gall bladder. It also purifies the blood, stimulates brain activity, increases the activity of the pituitary gland. A positive effect on the nervous system, helps to relieve stress. Amethyst clears the third eye chakra and the crown chakra, the colors of the aura more clearly, improves the inner vision. Contributes to successful meditation sessions.  This stone is perfect gift for loved ones, it betrays the energy that drives away bad thoughts, send happy dreams, protects from an evil fate. Amethyst helps women to get pregnant. In addition, amethyst is able to treat many gynecological diseases and facilitate childbirth.


Moonstone is a talisman of clairvoyance. Considered ate to put this stone under your pillow it is possible to see prophetic dreams. This stone brings its owner love and romance, helps to fulfill desires. Is also a symbol of inner growth and strength. Moon stone relieves emotional instability and stress, stabilizes the emotions and gives peace of mind. It is desirable to be people of creative professions, because of its magical properties include the ability to give inspiration. Another gem is credited with the property to protect people while traveling. Moonstone helps the digestive system, improves absorption of nutrients, removes toxins and excess fluid from the body. In addition, activates the regeneration of body cells and helps to restore the liver and pancreas. Also the stone is considered to be traditionally feminine stone, which positively influences all functions related to childbirth.

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