Natural Blue Celestite Clusters

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Natural Blue Celestite Clusters

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N1 206g 6,3cm x4,3cm 

N2 195g 6,8cm x 4,7cm 


Celestite, also known as Celestine, is a mineral that forms blue crystals. Celestite is often associated with divine power and is thought to increase understanding, higher consciousness, as well as mindfulness when used in meditation and prayer. This mineral can occur in geodes as crystals.


Celestite crystals are beneficial healing crystals for you to utilize to aid you to contact your guardian angels. They are commonly a soft blue color and have a high vibration, that is excellent to use in meditation. Their energy is both calming and uplifting, and will aid contact with angels.


The high vibrations of the Celestite crystal healing properties stimulate and support the throat, third eye, and crown chakras, making it an excellent stone for an overall spiritual detox.

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