Natural Tiger Eye Necklace 8mm

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Natural Tiger Eye Necklace 8mm


  • Genuine Tiger Eye 8mm Necklace
  • Round Bead Unisex Stone Design
  • Standard 16” length on Fishing Line, With Barrel Clasp


Tiger Eye Necklace

Tiger Eye is a stone to release your fears, anxieties, self-loathing and unlock hidden talents. It’s the stone that can give you courage, strength of mind, and self-confidence to tackle anything that will come your way. Tiger Eye serves as your spiritual compass that guides you towards the light, helping you harness the powers of the universe in whatever you set out to do, whether it's matters of the heart or the boldest career ambitions.

It will help you accomplish your goals because your focus and creativity will be greatly enhanced. You will be filled with confidence and optimism, and all feelings of lack or being incomplete will be dispelled.

As Tigers Eye stone grounds you to the earth via the Root Chakra, it aids you to be calmer and centered.

Bead Size: 8mm

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