Obsidian and unique Star Cut Faceted Amethyst Gemstones

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Obsidian and unique Star Cut Faceted Amethyst Gemstones

Protective Care Giver Bracelet is a great gift for Health Care Workers, Spouses, Parents etc. who are caring for a loved one. Made of Amethyst & Obsidian Gemstone Beads.


Amethyst is a protective stone, boosting endurance, inner strength, resilience and empowerment. It can clear energy fields allowing for "Spiritual Light" to enter a person's being bestowing stability, strength and invigoration. Obsidian helps to disperse negative energies and remove energy blocks that come from dark thoughts, providing a shield from negativity. Together they sooth worry and protect against the negative energies that can engulf us during these trying times, providing inner strength.


 Care Instructions:

Bracelets are made with strong, stretchy beading string that will gently slide over your hand. No need to fuss with clumsy clasps. Slide or roll over your hand, pulling gently.  Don't pull or stretch the string hard, as with any elastic substance, it could get stretched out. This jewelry will last for many years with a little TLC. Enjoy.


Guarantee: In the rare case that your bracelet  breaks, save all the beads and send them to me. I will restring them for you and send them back to you as soon as I can. You just pay shipping.

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