Om / Ohm Flower Mandala Necklace

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Om / Ohm Flower Mandala Necklace

Our stunning "OM" Flower Mandala represents the creation of life. The necklace is an antiquity and can be a powerful family Heirloom.

OM is the balance between soul, body and, mind. This sound or vibration is not only the heart of the practice but it is chanted three times at the beginning of the yoga ceremony or at the end. 

"Om" is a vibration, a mantra, a sound.

The sound is a great way to begin your meditation seance sincevibration is a miraculous gateway to attend your spiritual realm or awakening. The mantra helps you get in your meditation bubble and start clearing your thoughts.

The Flower is a symbol of equilibrium between Masculine and Feminine energy which creates life itself.

A great gift for your spiritual self or a friend! 

Pendant Size: 40x40mm
Length: 45cm
Metals Type: Zinc Alloy

Available in Wax Cotton Cord and 925 sterling silver Chain