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Sardonyx is a multi-colored variety of banded onyx, which is a form of chalcedony quartz. Normally, onyx bands are black but in the form of sardonyx they have alternating reddish-brown and white parallel bands. The orange and black bands form as a blended mixture of onyx and orange carnelian.



Sardonyx History

Sardonyx can be traced back four thousand years to Ancient Egypt. For most of its history, this stone has been used to create cameos and intaglios. In Ancient Rome, women wore sardonyx necklaces with cameos of Venus in hopes of harnessing the power of the goddess of love. It was also common for soldiers to wear sardonyx rings and carvings containing images of Mars, the god of war, into battle as a means of protection. Sardonyx was also a popular stone for Roman seals and signet rings that were used to imprint wax emblems on official documents because hot wax doesn't stick to this stone.


Sardonyx is an agate whose banding is straight and parallel. Much like agate, it is dyed to enhance or change its colors. Dyeing agate was an art practiced by the Romans from early on, but it reached perfection in the 1820s in Oberstein, Germany. That town is still the world's center for the finest cutting and dyeing of agate. Although the details of the process remain a commercial secret, it is known that iron oxide is a pigment used to create the rich combination of deep orange-reds in red and white bullseye sardonyx and in the red and white-banded variety. Carbon is used to create the striking deep black banding in black and white banded sardonyx. The effects are stunning--ancient agate beads in rich colors perfect for blending with solid colored red or black beads.


Sardonyx is August's birthstone and makes a great gift for anyone born in this month.


  • Weight:  40-48grams
  • Width:    30mm 


 The price is for one sphere ! I will pick the right one for you 🙏🏼✨

What does sardonyx stone symbolize?

Used as a stone of strength and protection since ancient times, sardonyx is associated with courage, happiness and clear communication. ... The spiritual values of red and white-banded and red bullseye sardonyx make these stones particularly powerful.



Sardonyx is a highly protective stone that embodies a vibration of happiness, optimism, strength, protection, and confidence. It helps to boost your self-control and your level of personal power. It brings lasting happiness and stability to partnerships. Attracts friends and good fortune. Promotes courage. Stone of virtue. Encourages self-control.

Sardonyx is a perfect stone for grounding and centering your spirit. They will powerfully open and balance your lower chakras, so that your spirit may remain centered and stable, connected deeply with the earth. Work with your sphere to the ground and focus your energy, and to experience a boost in self-control and personal power. 

Healing: Sardonyx aids in healing lungs and bones.  It regulates fluids and cell metabolism strengthens the immune system.

Astrology Sign: Aries and Leo

Chakra: Base, Sacral and crown depending on the color combination

Element: Fire, Earth, and Air

Meaning: Balance, Happiness, and Creativity

Please note: The price is per one piece, intuitively picked for you. Due to the nature of crystals, they may vary slightly in shape, size, color, and pattern.

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