Rose Quartz And Howlite Mala Necklace

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Rose Quartz And Howlite Mala Necklace

Rose quartz in combination with howlite brings purification and it is used to protect against pollution of mind, body, emotions as well as atmosphere allowing calmed and relaxed states of mind and emotions.


Featuring a rose quartz wand to lay over your heart.


Howlite Healing Attributes

★ Allows us to better understand ourselves, of people, the world, and of life itself

★ Perfect for meditation; promoting serenity of mind, allowing us to let go of distracting thoughts



Healing stone for Sahasrara Chakra and Anahata Chakra(4th & 7th)


Howlite and Rose Quartz

108 bead count



Rose Quartz

  • Unconditional love and infinite peace 
  • Open heart: attract love and relationships 
  • Deep inner healing and self-love. Helps us to forgive, understand and see situations from another perspective 
  • Releases unexpressed emotions

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