Selenite Cleansing Wands

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Selenite Cleansing Wands

Size: 18/ 20cm x  0.7/1,6cm  Weight Range: 69/90g approx


Selenite, with its moon-like reflections, is absolutely stunning - not to mention it is able to cleanse other crystals. This incredible natural Selenite wand is a great way to clear you aura, or even charge smaller crystals along it. The name Selenite actually comes from the Greek word for “moon” - similarly you may have heard of the beautiful ‘Selene’, the Ancient Greek Goddess of the moon. Origin: Morocco Approx.


Chakras: Crown, Third Eye SPIRITUAL GROWTH - CLARITY - CALMING Powerful, high-vibration crystal amazing for expanding your connection to the divine and accessing higher guidance Brings clarity, clears the aura and brings a deep sense of peace during meditation This beautiful crystal creates a safe, calming space when placed in the home and also has the ability to cleanse other crystals Selenite is amazing for balancing the emotions, increasing self-awareness and understanding Listing is for 1 crystal wand, intuitively selected for you. All orders are energetically cleared & charged with Palo Santo before being sent with love to its new home.


Please be aware that each crystal is one of a kind and therefore each piece will have unique variations in shape, colour, size and characteristics (including natural markings, fissures).


These are natural stones and can vary from the images provided, which are there to provide a general representation of the quality and sizing we offer. Each crystal will have its own beautiful markings, characteristics and pits. We cannot accept exchanges or returns based on these characteristics

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