Selenium or Cauliflower Jade

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Selenium or Cauliflower Jade


This bracelet selects natural Chinese natural jade beads. It is called Selenium or Cauliflower Jade in  Asia. With a unique yellow-green color, it looks a lot like cauliflower blossoms in the field.

Round ornament represents completeness and happiness in Chinese culture. Therefore, ancient women were keen to wear bracelets to express their hope for a better life. Today, a piece of bangle still highlights the slenderness of the wrist, adding a woman's gentle temperament. Furthermore, wearing jade jewelry for a long time will be beneficial to your body and make jade oily and bright.

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🌷 Introduction To Selenium or  Cauliflower Jade

Cauliflower jade is rich in chemical elements-Se, which has the effects of longevity, disease resistance, and detoxification. Therefore, it is one of the most magical types of Chinese jade.

At present, cauliflower jade is produced in only one place, and the stock is scarce, which is extremely rare in the jade market.

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