Shungite Bracelet 8mm and 10mm

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Shungite Bracelet 8mm and 10mm


This is a beautiful large Shungite bead bracelet. The beads are 8mm and 10mm. It is strung on strong elastic for durability.

Shungite clears the energies of the entire body and opens one to receive Spiritual Light. Shungite also operates on the molecular level, freeing us from the bondage of negative patterns and energies. Shungite is a stone of Truth, it tends to dispel one’s self-harming or self-defeating habitual patterns. Shungite is wonderful for cleansing and purification too. Shungite also offers an aura of psychic protection, primarily because of the energetic alignment it facilitates.

The circumference is approx 18cm


This is a stone that you will be attracted to if Truth is important to you. It has wonderful cleansing and purification properties both physically and energetically. Shungite tends to dispel our self-harming or self-defeating patterns. Shungite offers us an aura of psychic protection because of its energetic alignment.

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