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Natural SNOWFLAKE OBSIDIAN Single Stone Bracelet - 8mm Smooth Round Bead

Snowflake Obsidian Attributes:
Snowflake Obsidian is a stone of purity. It provides balance for body, mind and spirit. This stone helps you to recognise and release wrong thinking and stressful mental patterns. It promotes dispassion and inner centering. Snowflake Obsidian empowers isolation and loneliness, aiding surrender in meditation.

This Snowflake Obsidian bracelet is handmade with great quality genuine (natural and undyed) 8mm Snowflake Obsidian smooth round beads and strong clear stretch jewellry cord for easy slip on and off. If you are looking for a great quality, long-wearing and affordable natural Snowflake Obsidian bracelet, this bracelet is a perfect choice!

Our Gemstone Beaded Bracelets are made by first polishing gemstone beads to a shine and then attaching them to a durable elastic cord. The perfect bracelet to hold when you are feeling worried or anxious, our Gemstone Beaded Bracelets are made with your energy in mind.
Snow Flake Obsidian offers physical, emotional and spiritual support. Use its healing powers to boost circulation and blood disorders, as well as the digestive tract and immune system.
Snow Flake Obsidian relieves anxiety and promotes composure, courage and endurance. Snow Flake Obsidian stimulates warmth and gentleness, unifying the creative forces of the self. It also helps one experience the great spiral reaching from the center of the self to the outer layers of consciousness. It is used for crisis management and supports striving to improve the quality of life.
* Genuine gemstone beads are 8mm in diameter
* Stretch bracelets are 19cm long

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