Spiritual Mala Necklace , Rose Quartz, Carnelian and Lava Stone

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Spiritual Mala Necklace , Rose Quartz, Carnelian and Lava Stone 


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Mala in sanskrit means garland. Malas are strings of beads traditionally used in meditation. They can also be worn throughout the day as a gentle reminder of our intentions. These strands are made up of 108 beads plus 1 guru bead. Our malas are conscientiously hand knotted between each bead, making them perfect for japa meditation. Japa is derived from the sanskrit word meaning internal repetition.  Mantras, a sanskrit word meaning tools of thought, are the words or phrases repeated to focus the mind and create manifestations into your life.




To practice japa meditation, get into a comfortable seated position with your legs crossed and spine erect. You may find it more comfortable to sit on a cushion or folded blankets. Starting with the bead next to the guru bead, hold it between your thumb and third finger with your pointer finger extended outward and recite your mantra either internally or quietly to yourself. Each bead represents one repetition of your mantra, so after you have recited it you can move onto the next bead. You may also wish to turn each bead between your fingers as you say your mantra.


Once you have made it through all 108 beads of your mala and have reached your guru bead you have two option. It’s considered bad luck to cross over a guru bead, so if you wish to continue your meditation by making another revolution around your mala it’s best to go back in the direction you came from. If you are ready to conclude your practice, simply move to your guru bead and take an intentional moment for reflection before returning to the rest of you day.


Gemstone Meaning

Rose Quartz Heart Chakra

~Rose Quartz is said to circulate love, heal emotionally, and encourage personal fulfillment. Rose Quartz is a crystal with female energy and is supportive to the female reproductive system. Holistically, it is used to increase fertility, balance yin-yang energy, and heal internal wounds.

Carnelian Stone

Carnelian Stones are stones of action, that will give you the courage and confidence to move forward on a new path in life. It is strong stone to aid the physical body, as it maintains an improved flow of life force energy via the blood. The vibration of this bright orange stone, will accelerate your motivation, and aid you to clarify your goals, so you can find your best direction in life. This power stone stimulates ambition and drive, so it will aid you in manifesting what you require to move onto your desired path forward in life.


Lava Stone

Lava Stone (Basalt) is a stone of strength and courage. It allows one the opportunity for stability throughout changes in their life. It is a grounding stone that helps us connect to the energies of Mother Earth and the element of Fire. It can help to dissipate anger and absorbs negative energy.




A mala is a string of beads used during meditation to help keep track of your mantra or affirmation. Malas are a spiritually significant piece of jewelry that allows you to wear your intentions throughout your day creating mindfulness and positive energy.