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Stunning Blue Calcite Tower 251g

Stunning Blue Calcite Tower 251g

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 Stunning Blue Calcite Tower 251g

These stones of watery energy flow through your energy body to soothe and cleanse as calm ocean water would. With hints of dolphins and whale energy these crystals connect us to the under water realms where we can reconnect with this deep blue energy.
Size 251g 10.1cm x 4,2cm Base
They also very gently stimulate the third eye and increase telepathy, working with liquid crystal light with the water elements. 
This a very soft stone so there may be imperfections on the surface, they have a rather soapy feel, this is the beautiful nature Place Blue Calcite.
Place Blue Calcite in any other space you spend a lot of time with your family; in your kitchen, dining room, or living room. The crystal is also a useful home decor element for your office or home office. It helps in decision making, strengthens the memory.


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