The Purity Silver Aura Bracelet

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The Purity Silver Aura Bracelet

Stone: Matte White Stone

Metal: Polished Stainless Steel
Base: Polished Stainless Steel
Cord: Clear Elastic
Size: 18.5cm, Circumference, Unstretched
The Purity Silver Aura Bracelet is made with Matte White stone. A white colored aura is representative of purity, energy, and divinity, and is indicative of someone who is angelic, truthful, and pure.

The Aura an electromagnetic field emitted from all organisms and objects depicts the emotional, physical and spiritual state of ones wellbeing and balance throughout a lifetime. Semiprecious stones reflect upon the colors representing an aura, can help renew balance, and emit a soothing and desirable aura one wishes to positively affect their own. Let the aura of these beautiful semiprecious stone bracelets cleanse your spirit, to find balance and positivity in your life.

Each Aura bracelet is crafted from 8mm semi-precious stone beads with silver accent bead strung on an elastic cord. 

Handmade Bracelet

Made with Love ❤️ In Australia 🇦🇺