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Unakite and Rhodonite bracelet

Unakite and Rhodonite bracelet

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Unakite and Rhodonite bracelet


18cm Approx


The Unakite is the stone to recover energy, balances our emotional and spiritual bodies, providing us with an extremely sweet release of our energy blocks anchored in the solar plexus. Unakite helps us overcome the outdated beliefs of the past, and facilitates understanding of previous events and their importance in our growth path.

It stimulates well-being by inducing images of serenity and joy, and dissolving feelings of anguish. It promotes rest, inviting the organism to recover its strength in case of illness. It also has mental effects, stimulating the specific abilities of each person and helping to put them into practice to devote themselves to what is most congenial and suitable for their person.


Rhodonite is an excellent balancer and healer of emotional wounds, ideal for overcoming emotional blocks and starting to live again; stone of love and openness, is very delicate and has white veins that give it a "cheerful" appearance. On a spiritual and psychic level: it enhances perceptions and creativity, attracts love, purifies the first and third chakras, promotes the search for truth.


This delightful bracelet on elasic wire is made with smooth balls of Unakite and Rhodonite  8mm


The stones used are natural and untreated, the work performed with passion and care in detail.

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