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Unisex Fire Quartz Bracelet 10mm

Unisex Fire Quartz Bracelet 10mm

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Fire Quartz Bracelet 10mm


10mm Fire Quartz gemstone bead power bracelet.


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Fire quartz, or hematoid quartz or red fire quartz, is used to refer to clear quartz with red hematite inclusions, so metaphysically, you get the stability and grounding element of the red hematite. Hematite is also known to stimulate a healthy dose of self confidence, will power and motivation

This bracelet is created with 10mm red fire quartz and a copper wire bicone focal bead, which is about 6mmx9mm.  


Metaphysical Properties:


Hematite is popular for its strong grounding and protection energies and works with the root chakra. For many people, this stone helps with absorbing and transmuting negative or lower energies, as well as assisting with calming anxieties and worries.  The grounding energy of hematite can assist with raising ones frequency by completing the circuit, as it were, by easing the anxiety one may feel when introduced to new ideas or frequencies.  This in turns leads to quicker integration into the light body, creating an increased balance.  Because this stone is so grounding it is also known to improve concentration and mental focus, which is why it is sometimes known as the "Stone of the Mind."

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